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Gin Dandy, Marshall Staxx & Shred Solo
2am Interview with Dazed And Confused

L.A.'s Hottest Classic Rock Tribute Band!

The spectacular Dazed and Confused classic rock show has just ended. Security is trying to shift the crowd out into the parking lot. Fog machines and lights are being packed up. The drunker guys from the audience are hitting on the Sweet Emotions. As Marshall Staxx and Shred Solo pack up thier guitars and Gin Dandy packs up his fur jackets and platform shoes, we stop the boys for a few questions... Los Angeles cover band

Do you guys set your amps on 11, Spinal Tap style?
Of course. All amps and attitude set on 11. Eleven is a lifestyle. We eat breakfast at 11. Actually, we eat breakfast at noon...
What was the first record you ever owned?
When I was 10 my uncle got a stack of free records. He gave me the ones he didn't want. He gave me the Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and kept the Neil Diamond and Anne Murray for himself. He bored himself to sleep and I've been awake ever since.

I stole Van Halen's first album from some chick's basement.
Before or after you 'took care of business'?
I ran home with the record, so there was no 'after'. I still regret... not taking her whole collection.
What kind of preparation is involved before a show?
There's a lot to be said for just showing up. Knowing where the gig is. Getting the city right. As long as I know what the first song is, I'm good. We can figure out the key later.
How did the band get together?
Me and Shred started as a power duo then stole guys from a bunch of other bands. There's a bunch of not-so-great bands out there with great guys dying to get out. You just gotta know the right people to steal from.
What do you think the next big thing in rock 'n' roll is going to be?
The next big thing is the last big thing. And the last big thing is the next big thing. That's why we play classic rock. It's the ONLY thing.
Why Dazed And Confused?
Why not, man? The song kinda said, "Look out! Here come the 70's and we're gonna party and not go back to work until 1980!" And the hangover'll be worth it! And then the movie really solidified the whole vibe and now here comes the band, live and in technicolor! Next the cereal...

You can't go to a real Queen or Foghat show anymore or go and see see T.Rex...To get the whole thing tied up into a nice wrapper, you gotta come down to our next show and join our 'house of ROCK', Feel it and get with it. It's a whole spectacular evening out.
What's the live show like?
Leather pants, platform shoes and AC/DC... shake it up James Bond style and prepare to get your mind blown... We got a fog machine, some concert lights and a bunch of TNT.
Any plans to release an album?
We're too busy paying tribute to the greatest rock era ever. But we put out an album once. And we did it for the people. None of this overpriced Virgin Records shit. We played each record one time so they could be put straight to the used record bin. Pass the savings straight on to our fans! This ain't no sales pitch baby, we're givin' it away for free!
Why Classic Rock?
Someone's got to carry the torch and keep real kick ass classic rock up front where it belongs. This is the Big Arena Rock Show - And Dazed And Confused is gonna rock hard 'till the neighbors call the cops. They don't make real classic rock anymore, They closed down the factory. MTV doesn't play rock anymore and the radio forgot what rock is. If you want to truly ROCK, you gotta come down and party with us.
What does Dazed and Confused think of the state of music today?
Classic Rock is the real shit for the real party people. Cast your vote now! Check here for party all night, and check over there for "I'm a depressed rocker who doesn't want my picture taken." Who ya gonna vote for? I'll always cast my vote for a good time. Led Zeppelin? Heavy. AC/DC? Rockin. T. Rex? Groovy. The Stones? All of the above. It all adds up. This ain't the S.A.T.'s!
And the rest of the band?
Everybody in the band is on the same mission.
What mission is that?
To make sure rock and roll doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

We got the guitars, the clothes, and the girls all piled up in a big van right outside of your town. We don't need the key to the city. We'll sneak in the back. Just remember to tip your waitress 'cause she gives us our drinks for free.

Dazed And Confused can be seen in various clubs in the Los Angeles Area. Check back for dates and times.

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Dazed And Confused
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If your idea of "party rock" is space cowboys, honky-tonk women and fat-bottomed girls, then Dazed and Confused has got you covered. This classic rock band recreates the '70s hits from Led Zepplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Aerosmith and all of the rock standards of the era with tongue-in-cheek dance moves, platform shoes and big hair.

Despite its namesake and devil-may-care rock-star personas, the boys in the band have a rep as total professionals and party pleasers. Dazed and Confused rocks all night long playing bar gigs and private parties across L.A.

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